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Curtain Sided Semi-trailer Mega Coil

Size and security

The Mega Coil from Fliegl fulfils all the requirements of a Mega curtainsider, but with its seven meter long coil recess it can also tackle specialist transport jobs.

The trailer has a load securing certificate which complies with EN 12642 XL and DC 9.5. In its full configuration there are over 500 lashing possibilities. For the fixing of steel rollers three pairs of coil supports and eight pairs of reinforced lashing lugs are available in the region of the coil recess. But its load securing possibilities are not yet exhausted:

  • C-profile rails (set into the floor)
  • Vario steel bars and Vario loading bars
  • Additional pairs of lashing lugs
  • Four pairs of travel lugs
  • Stanchion pockets
Despite the universal equipment range Fliegl engineers have developed yet another vehicle with a lower unladen weight: The Mega Coil only weighs in a less then seven tonnes but can carry a payload of over 28 tonnes – ample leeway for the most diverse transport duties.

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