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Fliegl Tandem Low Platform Trailer

The only one with an inner width of 2050 mm

Fliegl's tandem low-platform trailers are perfectly equipped for heavy-duty uses in the construction industry. The robust steel trough is moulded in one piece, the large ground clearance guarantees optimal off-road mobility. This is ensured by an integrated air reservoir - a patented Fliegl innovation.

On trailers up to 11.8 tonnes gross vehicle weight, Fliegl does completely without the conventional air reservoir to supply the brake system. Its function is taken over by hollow profiles that the trailer already has as supporting elements. The advantages: One component is eliminated, the unladen weight is reduced and the payload increased. Furthermore, the reservoir no longer hangs down over the axles as it is located inside the chassis. The whole frame, including reservoir, is hot-dip galvanised. This extensive corrosion protection enhances durability, service life and profitability.

Part of the standard equipment is the Load Lock rail recessed into the tailgate. With 36 additional lashing points on the sides and the front of the platform, it optimises the fixing of the load. Fliegl's new tandem low-platform trailers now have lashing lugs with twice the tensile load, now 5 tonnes instead of 2.5 tonnes, for added stability when transporting heavy construction machinery or building materials.

The generous interior width of 2050 millimetres opens up additional transport possibilities - for building companies and for companies renting out construction machinery, fork-lift trucks and special equipment.

Fliegl has given a lot of thought to loading and unloading processes and developed many intelligent details that enhance efficiency: The ramps, covered alternatively with wood or gratings, are laterally movable and can be supplemented by a third ramp if required. An optional tilting load space reduces the ramp angle.

A rear support is standard, and optionally Fliegl delivers its tandem low-platform trailers with an air suspension system. The gross vehicle weight lies between 6 and 11.8 tons. All tandem low-platform trailers from Fliegl have a height-adjustable drawbar as standard.