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Four and Five Axle Low Loader Trailer

Robust and investment secure

One to five axles, 6 to 40 tonnes payload capacity, diverse types of ramps, wheel recesses, steering axles, tandem, tri-axle. Fliegls's low loader range offers secure solutions for different types of transport.

In 1992 Fliegl was the first vehicle manufacturer to bring a low loader trailer with a straight loading area to the market. Laughed at by the competition at the start, Fliegl pushes the innovative ideas through. The flat platform and the low level design guarantee versatility and optimum weight distribution for the transport of construction machines, containers, construction materials, long materials etc.

Low loaders of a more classic design are also available from Fliegl, with beveled frame ends and a neck frame that can be driven over above the bogie.

The newest generation of Fleigl low loader trailers are supplied with a storage compartment for wood in the middle of the loading area, a drawbar with three fixing points for different attachment heights and simple to operate drive-on ramps with spring lifting support. The customer can choose from a large range of accessories.

  • Low loader trailer
  • Drive over wheel recess
  • Steering axle
  • Side panels
  • Different floor coverings, e.g. hard wood, grating or rubber-steel profile
  • Storage compartments
  • Telescopic widening
  • Spoon trough
  • Stanchion pockets
  • Lashing lugs
Low loader trailers from Fliegl win over with maximum transport safety.

  • Double action hydraulic cylinder with load safety valve.
  • Inclining ramps with upper handle bar securing
  • Approved lashing rings for optimal and flexible load securing.
  • Close cross member distance and 70 mm hard wood floor for high point loading.