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Pioneering ideas and superior handling characteristics: Fliegl innovation impress in the semi-trailer dumper comparison test

Fliegl's DHKS 350 made an extremely positive impression in the latest dumper test conducted by the lastauto omnibus magazine. The test compared four 3-axle semi-trailer dumpers from different manufacturers with steel half-round trough, pendulum tailgate, tarpaulin cover and control panel. Central factors were flexibility, durability, stability and payload.

The Fliegl semi-trailer dumper was by far the lowest in the competition. Thanks to its low side walls and the round trough form, it has a low centre of gravity that improves stability and simplifies loading. The loading height for the wheel loader is reduced by up to 10%. A further unique selling point was the aerodynamic design of the Fliegl test vehicle. Sloping edges on the tailgate and front wall reduce the wind resistance of the trailer, as does the tapering of the trough towards the rear; the good tipping behaviour of the trailer was also confirmed by the experts. Although the Fliegl trough was the largest in the test with a volume of 25 cubic metres, the dumper impressed with top marks for unladen weight and payload.

The DHKS received best rating for driving characteristics from the experienced jury: The dumper was praised once again for its low centre of gravity and harmonious balance of the chassis. Fliegl's dumper also picked up points in the quality check for its well protected wiring and pipework.

At the suggestion of the jury, Fliegl even extended the trough supporting surface on the frame during the test week. The rubber pads were moved further forward to reduce pressure and friction between trough and chassis, thus improving their buffer function. The position and angle of the front trough support was changed so that the centrifugal forces are reduced tipping and the trough gains added strength. Also modified were the tarpaulin rods, tarpaulin ropes and tarpaulin holders. The result: Even greater operating comfort when closing and tensioning the cover, additional clearance during loading and particularly sturdy fixing of the rolled tarpaulins. During the course of the comparison test, Fliegl's DHKS was also given a narrower underride guard that has only half the previous weight.

The optimisations will be integrated into the future series-production configuration of the dumper. The testers from lastauto omnibus confirmed the pioneering ideas and concepts with innovative character of the Fliegl designers - a commendation that further underlines Fliegl's successful results in the dumper test once again.