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Anti-Ice systems can save lives

“Drivers are less stressed ...”

The legislator specifies that both water and ice must be removed from HGV tarpaulin covers before staring a journey. For the driver this means an irksome, time-consuming and above all dangerous job, and so this requirement is frequently neglected. So an unwanted load travels along on the roof, that can quickly become unstable and cause a roof avalanche.

Again and again ice sheets that slide off of tarpaulin covers cause serious traffic accidents, e.g. due to risky evasive manoeuvres by following vehicles. Often ice sheets can fall directly onto cars, smashing windscreens and endangering the occupants. However this is a year round problem, as in the summer rain water can collect on the roof, which sooner or later sloshes over the road. With their considerable weight roof loads of ice, snow or water can also damage the construction of the trailer. The problem and the dangers are obvious. The solution for covered trailers from Fliegl is called Anti-Ice System. A structure which simply and inexpensively prevents the formation of ice and the build-up of water on HGV roof covers.

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