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Securing of loads

Vario Track

Vario Track is a load securing rail, that is set into the vehicles floor. Whereas existing securing rails are only intended for the securing of lashing straps, Fliegl's Vario Track is able to take flexible plug-in stanchions as well as lashing straps. Vario Track can be installed length-ways as well as cross-ways. The number and configuration of the rails can be decided by the customer – individually adapted to the requirements of the goods he transports. The load securing options go far over what standard lashing offers. Vario Track guarantees more security in goods traffic – equally by full as well as with partial loads.

Load securing applies to everybody – hauliers, drivers, loading personnel and naturally first of all vehicle constructors; who have the responsibility for the technical requirements of transporting all good securely. Fliegl is continually improving the securing system of its trailers and is always designing clever new ideas to reduce the danger on the roads.