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Tandem Three-way Dumper

Robust and flexible for the last two decades

The Tandem three way dumper (TSK) is so to speak a Fliegl baby, that over the last twenty years or so has grown up just as much as the vehicle manufacturer itself. As Helmut Fliegl at the start of the 1990s started with the manufacture of the first tandem trailer for road transport, he was able to profit from the extensive experience of the Bavarian family company, that at this time were leaders in the manufacture of agricultural trailers. Fliegl successfully brought the agricultural model onto the roads and offers today, with its tandem three way dumper, a vehicle that is best equipped for tough applications on building sites, gardens and in landscaping.

The Fliegl TSK has a galvanized chassis, a reinforced leaf suspension, large sized axles, an underride guard, mud flaps, a transmission support leg, wheel chocks and height adjustable draw bar with a total weight of 13.5 tonnes. The dumper is equipped with central locking on all three sides as standard. Its special formed steel floor and leak tight side panels prevent material escaping during transport. The three sided dumper make quick and secure dumping possible, a continuous rocker crank increases the stability when dumping, lighting and electrics are optimally protected. Fliegl three way dumpers are available with an permissible total weight of 6 to 18 tonnes. Apart from this the vehicles are also available with a folding rear support rated at 13.5 tonnes.

Despite its low loading height the trailer offers good ground clearance. Fliegl installs a low-maintenance leaf spring assembly and spring saddles with silent bushes.

The draw bar of the dumping trailers can be smoothly adjusted by 250 mm in its height and can be matched exactly to the coupling height of the tractor unit.

For theft-proof storage of the drive-on ramps there is an integrated locking compartment under the loading area. The ramp support allows the use of three ramps.

Fliegl can deliver a double leaf rear door as an option, after opening, the loading ramps can then be positioned in a single operation. A pendulum attachment raises the side panels by one metre, in order for example to optimize the transport of feed stuffs.

The TSK from Fliegl displays, next to its robustness and reliability, above all its versatility: It can transport bulky goods such as construction materials or construction machines, optimizes the transport-capacity, reduces operating costs and provides more movement at the construction site.