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The Liftmaster from Fliegl

Custom made for a growing market

The Liftmaster was constructed especially for the transport of working platforms and fork lift trucks – in dialogue with customers their wishes and guidelines have been incorporated into the concept. With this vehicle Fliegl meets the continual demand from the access technology branch. Lifting platforms are rented more and more for industrial cleaning, maintenance and mounting work and need to be quickly and safely transported from A to B.

The Liftmaster from Fliegl is available with and without telescopic function. Remote steering makes it very nimble for use in urban settings. Its steel drive on ramps are covered with interlocking grating and can be moved sideways hydraulically.

Next to flexibility, safety is written large by Fliegl: The Liftmaster is equipped with 36 pairs of lashing lugs, lashing studs, folding lashing lugs, an electric winch with a pulling power of 5.5 tonnes and a cable length of 27 metres including remote control, a roller fair lead and removable guide rollers.

The loading height of the loading bed is just 900 mm, because of its low drive-on angle of just 6 to 7 degrees at the back, this trailer can be safely driven onto by heavy and low ground clearance vehicles without a problem. The loading is additionally made easier by the variable drop centre, which can be lifted and driven over, in order to load the goose neck. With a payload capacity of 30 tonnes the Liftmaster also carries heavy lifting technology with confidence.