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Wood and Forest industry


Fliegl's wood semi-trailer offers high payload capacity as well as diverse stanchion options, that the customer has available when fitting out his desired vehicle: Amount, configuration and arrangement can all be selected. The extensive range of accessories rounds off what is on offer.

For economic transport of short timber Flirgl offers an innovative special trailer with a well thought out freight concept. The duty cycle includes the use of the second tractor unit: At the loading area the three-axle vehicle can load a special tractor unit with the crane. For the journey a lighter double-axle HGV is used. The advantage: The payload capacity of the pair is greatly increased. The tractor unit with the crane stays at the deployment location, the next trailer can then be bought to the loading area and be loaded with timber.

With an unladen weight of just 5.9 tonnes the approximately nine meter long vehicle disposes of a payload of more than 29 tonnes. Six pairs of telescopic wood stanchions with quick action locks and enough lashing lugs in the frame secure the load. In this Fliegl optimized transport cycle, timber is transported more economically.